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We need JAILers who will work to pass the Judicial Accountability Intiative Law (J.A.I.L.) throughout Ohio.  This will be a constitutional amendment to be placed on the ballot.

Voting_Security_DirectivesFrom OhioSecretary of State Jennifer Brunner's press release dated July 23,2008:  Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner has implemented thefirst in a series of voting security directives that have been craftedin partnership with a bipartisan workgroup of local elections officials.

Directive 2008-57 providessecurity and risk-mitigation guidelines for ballots and election datamedia such as voting machine memory cards.
Directive 2008-56 providessecurity and risk-mitigation guidelines for boards ofelections' offices.  This directive also provides model "bestpractices" for the storage, security, access and inventory of votingsystems and equipment.

Earlier this year Secretary Brunner issued Directive 2008-55, which addressedpolling location security, as well as a documented chain of custody forvoting equipment and supplies from board offices to polling places andtheir return.  

State Issue Procedures and Ballot Board

Directives, Advisories and Memoranda
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