This is the Judicial Accountability Initiative Law site for northeast Ohio.


Enforcing judicial accountability is to strip the judges found to go afoul of the law of their judicial immunity and bring them before citizen grand juries.  The Judicial Accountability Initiative Law (J.A.I.L.) will provide:        
Special grand juries chosen by lottery to hear judicial misconduct.  The members of these grand juries will not hold office nor be attorneys and will seve for limited terms.   

They will hear complaints only after every legal remedy has been attempted.  Speical grand juries will hear complaints against judges who are the subject of complaints for criminal acts, and to investigate, indict, and initiate criminal prosecution of arbitrary and wayward judges.

Removing judges from the bench when found to run afoul of the law with a special "three strikes" provision in the state or federal consitution against these judges.




Read the entire Judicial Accountability Initiative Law for Ohio.

J.A.I.L.'s Mission:

To create a forum in which to hold judges accountable to the people under constitutional standards. 

To stop the abuse of "judicial immunity" by the judiciary. 

To provide a remedy that will ensure the people of the availability of redress of grievances in our courts.

To be autonomous and independent of government.

To not change laws on the books or the judicial system as currently structured.

To act only when the judicial system has failed in its constitutional responsibilities after the exhaustion of all available judicial remedies. 

To achieve its mission through non-violent means. 


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